TRE4Life, live whole, live well and live fully.
TRE4Life, live whole, live well and live fully.

Be empowered through TRE4Life, live whole, live well and live fully. With what nature has already built in:
the capacity to tremor to release and find freedom
from stress, tension & trauma.

Discover Life Anew with TRE4Life

What we believe

Our world needs healing, and we need to heal our communities because
there is no community in the world that has a trauma-free history.

To start healing processes, we need to recognise and allow that
we are all in need of healing in some way or form. This opens the pathway for us to heal by reconnecting within ourselves and then with each other.

Let’s discover a new way of living as individuals and as communities. 

If you want to improve the world,
start by making people feel safer.

Stephen Porges

How to have TRE4Life


Begin with the Basics


Learn the basics with StartTRE4Life to begin this life-changing journey


Get Familiar & Confident

Attend weekly GroupTRE4Life sessions with a Provider so you benefit from regular stress discharging while you learn regulation & basic self-interventions.


Shake in a Shared Space

Join us once a month for our minimal-guidance shake because taking time for regular self-care is important.


Deepen & Enrich Your Journey


PlayTRE4Life provides a systematic exploration of self-interventions for your whole body to deepen your awareness

Schedule Launch: TBA



TRE4Lifesupports learning how aspects of other modalities can enrich and enhance your TRE experience

Current Workshops / Practice Series Available: 




TRE4Life Community

Connect with us to collaborate &
co-create works of heart with our TRE4LifeCommunity

What’s been said about an experience with us

I’m thankful to Eric and Tammy for organising and sharing the TRE®. Personally, I wasn’t aware that such tremors could be a natural restoration response. TRE® has given me a deeper appreciation and awareness in human natural process of healing and relaxation.

Albert Hardy

(The TRE® sessions) were well-received and were an eye-opener to the many ways I conducted myself and my auto-reactions. The sessions gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate the relevance of these. Overall it has improved my relationship with myself and others in my life.

Daniel Muru

It was a really good experience. Both Tammy and Eric are very knowledgeable and could answer questions clearly. Their good sense of humour combined with professionalism allowed me to feel more clam in the experience. Would definitely attend another session and recommend to friends!

Au Yeong Wai Yhann

Tammy and Eric are great facilitators. They made us feel safe and guided us through a session that made us more connected with our bodies, aware of the pressure and tension present and worked with us to release it.

Emmanuel Paul Ng

I’d recommend this session for anyone wants to do more somatic work and is keen on integrating their whole being – heart, body, mind. Tammy and Eric are excellent facilitators who are incredibly lucid and generous and I felt safe doing TRE® with them.


The guidance of Tammy and Eric made sure my first TRE® session surely won’t be the last with the two of them. Thanks a lot!

Christian Bencke Nielsen

Tammy introduced me to TRE® in the most interesting way which I thoroughly enjoyed. I had with her approximately 7-8 sessions, which were mostly delivered through Zoom due to the geographical distance between us. It was easy to follow Tammy’s instructions, she was highly professional and I felt I was in good hands at all times. What I most appreciated was Tammy’s genuine presence, caring attitude and intuitive approach to what I needed. Her observations were very accurate and she often used words and guidance that were in complete synch with what I was experiencing, which was very reaffirming. I felt always safe during the sessions. And after the sessions, I felt relaxed and balanced, both physically, mentally and emotionally. Tammy also has a naturally calm and soothing voice which significantly added to my relaxation and depth of practice. The debriefs after the sessions were great, especially in terms of grounding and being able to express aspects that came up, or questions that emerged. In fact, I had such a positive experience that I participated in a TRE training in my area with a local specialist that Tammy put me in contact with. Thanks to Tammy’s generous and authentic offering, I discovered a wonderful technique for self-care that I can carry with me for the rest of my life wherever I go.

Nina Hakamies, Melbourne, Australia


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