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Shake Up Your Life 2023 – Shake in a CAN-DO attitude

Personal reflections for Shake 01 

(Shake in a CAN DO attitude)

This poster has been truly a surprisingly helpful reminder. In this first month of the year, I got all fired up about all the things I want to do – one of which was to start sharing these posters on our social media. But when some things didn’t go according to plan, I noticed myself getting discouraged because “it’s not going to be perfect anymore”. Though we’re still in the the early part of the  year, I almost got totally caught up in the “but it’s too late now” way of thinking that had me self-criticising and quitting before I even got properly started!

The poster made me stop and think: What if I just did it anyway? What if I just start when I’m ready to start instead of when the calendar tells me it’s the ‘right’ time? After all, the only one who will think it’s not perfect is me. To everyone else in the world not in on my plan to dominate the universe, things will look as if that’s how they were always planned to be. The poster helped me get present to just shake off the crazy perfectionist lurking in my psyche and, well, just doing things anyway. Simply because I enjoy the doing. Simply because doing something, however imperfect I may think it is, beats doing nothing hands down. And when I got to this point, I started thinking instead: What can I do differently to get things moving? How else can I get out of my own way?

It may seem unusual to have to shake myself off in order to tune into myself, but the truth is that not all the parts of me are always helpful. Some parts carry stories about how things “should” be that, well, need shaking up and shaking out if what they get me doing is quitting on myself.

What does a can-do attitude mean for you? Where do you need more of that in your life? And if your reset-modality isn’t TRE, what practice do you have to support yourself to shift focus?



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All the terms used in these posts are based on our personal experience and understanding. Given the nature, capacity and conditioning of our body and mind, change is something we need to be open to. So these posts about what each shake is about are merely suggestions and are, if anything for you, perhaps a great starting point. By no means are they meant to be a quick fix or solution to anyone’s situation.

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