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Shake Up Your Life 2023 – Shake your way to a healthy digestion.

Personal reflections for Shake 3 

Shake your way to a healthy digestion.

Tension affects my body in many ways, and one of the ways it hits me is definitely in my plumbing: When I’m anxious I can’t go; when I’m upset and especially when I’m angry, I often wind up having to go more often and the experience is…well, unpleasant in a number of ways. Hardly surprising, to my mind, given that our whole system is involved in how we ‘digest’ ideas and experiences that we encounter from day to day.

It doesn’t have to be this way, though. I’ve found that doing a shake to give my body a chance to release the stresses caused by the different kinds of upset, whether I talk things through or not during or after, supports that the physical discomfort is much reduced and my body follows its natural rhythms for digesting that support my having a sense of wellness.

The benefits to how my thought processes change to be more open to possibilities and, when I am feeling less beleaguered and threatened, more willing to be compassionate towards the circumstances of others are also invaluable. Over time, the experience that I can find a way through for myself that also supports others in what they want to create for themselves without feeling deprived in the process has helped me to develop greater resilience. I now believe that there is nothing that can happen that I cannot break down into manageable parts so that I can still create experiences that are valuable to me and those around me. I have also learned that I don’t have to let someone else’s inability to digest their own circumstances create similar digestive difficulties for me. 

What have you noticed about how tension and upset affects your body? How do you care for yourself when these symptoms show up? What have you learned from finding more self-supportive ways to bring yourself to the other side of apparent crises? 

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All the terms used in these posts are based on our personal experience and understanding. Given the nature, capacity and conditioning of our body and mind, change is something we need to be open to. So these posts about what each shake is about are merely suggestions and are, if anything for you, perhaps a great starting point. By no means are they meant to be a quick fix or solution to anyone’s situation.


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