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Shake Up Your Life 2023 – Starting something new? Shake to get set to go all out and win!

Personal reflections for Shake 02 – (Starting something new? Shake to get set to go all out and win!)

Aside from narratives I had about time and opportunity, I also have many – many – narratives about my capabilities and capacities. Or my lack thereof, really. These inner assessments and judgements and – let’s call them by their real name – FEARS actually are not reflections of the truth at all. While I am not perfect in many ways, I am not the incompetent, incapable noob that my fears would have me think I am. And it’s usually when I want to start something new that I am excited about, the fears sound louder than ever and throw at me all my memories of failure, embarrassment and humiliation. 

When the voices threaten to overwhelm me, shaking off all the tension brought on by the fear as well as residual tension from past failures or bad experiences helps get rid of the tightness in my throat that mutes me, and of the constriction in my chest that makes it hard for me to breathe deeply into my belly to resource myself and to stoke the fire of passion and conviction I know is there when I think about all the things I wish to create. 

And after the shake, in the quiet, resting moments of integration, there is a calm that shows me how the storm really is a matter of perception: It is a day like any other day. It isn’t my first rodeo trying something new or something different and I know that whatever happens, because I believe in what I do, I will find a way through; if I fall, I will find the strength to pick myself up because it is what I have done before. 

Doing TRE helps me uncover the strength I already have inside of me, to reconnect with the certainty that I want to proceed because I believe in my vision. What helps you reconnect to your purpose when things feel overwhelming? What practices do you have for giving yourself shelter when you feel like you’re caught in a storm? What reminds you that you actually are stronger, wiser and more loving than your fears would have you believe? 

If you don’t do TRE yet and if you are wanting to find out more about it, why not get in touch with us? We love sharing about TRE and other things that we do and we’re open to having a conversation with you to see if it is something that you could bring in to enrich your life with. 

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All the terms used in these posts are based on our personal experience and understanding. Given the nature, capacity and conditioning of our body and mind, change is something we need to be open to. So these posts about what each shake is about are merely suggestions and are, if anything for you, perhaps a great starting point. By no means are they meant to be a quick fix or solution to anyone’s situation.

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