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If there is anything that we love, it’s talking to people about TRE® and our plans for how we want more people to be empowered to reclaim their own lives with this magnificent modality. So if there are any questions you have which are not addressed below, please do get in touch!

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Please be patient with me

I decided to come up with an FAQ page to provide support for whoever comes to read about TRE® and what we do. I wound up populating it with more questions that I have answers ready for. That is, I know what I want to say in response to the questions listed, but It will take me a little time to write posts for them all. 

I am working hard at it, though, and I appreciate your patience with me while I squirrel away. If there is anything that you would like to know more urgently, please do get in touch and communicate with us directly. We LOVE having conversations with people. Be warned: It might be tricky to get us to stop talking once we’ve started sharing about TRE®!

In the mean time, if you run through the list and there are questions you’d like to see addressed there, do pop us an email and I will happily add your query – and eventually a response to it too, of course – to our page! 

Thank you for your generous patience!



Patience and the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown.

Chinese Proverb



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What is the difference between START and a Beginner Friendly GROUP Session?

What is the difference between joining a regular GROUP versus joining a season of PLAY?

How are PLAY and PLUS different then? 

Why do I need to already know TRE® for attending a PLAY season or a PLUS workshop & practice series?

Are there any FREE events I can attend?

About Us

Who is Eric? 

Who is Tammy? 

What is Klarheit Pte. Ltd.?

About Our Vision

How and why did we dream up TRE4Life?

What is the TRE4Life Mission?

What’s with the crazy logos?

For Practitioners of TRE®

When can I do TRE®?

Do you provide training if I want to become a provider?

For Our Fellow TRE® Providers

How do I become part of the TRE4Life partners and associates community?

How can I be part of the TRE4Life mission? 


Still Curious or Confused?

Please let us know how else we can make what we do clearer! Contact us using the links or emails below and we will get back to you – and create a post that we will link to our FAQ page for future readers of our site!

Thank you for helping us serve better!


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