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Our First Season of PlayTRE4Life Sessions

What is out there? 

The mystery of YOU, awaiting  discovery.

Are you ready? 

Have fun learning about you

I got the idea for because of a regular Provider group which Eric and I have been hosting since last year and how we always encourage each other to explore, only there is no particular system we follow. Each week, we take turns to hold space for the group and everyone brings a little something. 

It made me think: I want everyone to have a chance to explore their own systems this way. Isn’t this part of what we want to do with TRE® anyway, to learn more about how our systems work and to support it to do what it does best so that we can be the best version of ourselves? 

So then I thought: Why not?  Why not PLAY and encourage others to take time to engage in play with their own systems?

From a teacher’s perspective, play is actually the ideal learning platform. When we play, we can discover so much about ourselves because when we play, we want to explore, we want to try, we aren’t afraid to fail, and we know that even if things don’t turn out the way we thought, we can always try again. When we play, we can dare to be more open, more hopeful, more curious, more willing to be surprised.

I know that when I play, I experience all of these, and I also give myself a chance to experience the joy of simply being tremendously present to where I am and what I am doing. 

It was a great revelation to me that in this joy of being present, I feel incredibly safe. I know that I have all that I need for the moment and that, amazingly, is truly enough. And when I feel that safe, magic happens. My system opens up and shows me new things it wants to try because perhaps there is something that has been stuck a long time that I’ve been struggling to release, or sometimes there is something there which I haven’t felt willing to admit to because I’ve been afraid of being censured or judged by the worst judge of all: myself. I have experienced that the safer I feel within myself – and in play I feel very safe because I tell my inner judge to go and have a coffee break somewhere else because this is my time to be however I want to be – the more open I become to exploring and to discovering what it is I need to heal myself and to really let go of stress and tension that has been hanging about inside me.

With , I want nothing so much as for it to be a program which nurtures people’s curiosity about themselves while also being a time that they can experience as a gift to themselves because, perhaps for the first time in their lives, people might be opening to just slowing down and being with and listening to different parts of their systems that work hard every day – invisibly to us because we simply expect that it all just works – to keep us going.

I want these to be journeys of love, of falling in love with each and every part of us so that we know deeply how it feels to recognise and be integrally connected with the WHOLE of us.  

So if you’re ready to fall in love with all of you, come join me on this adventure because



What are YOU excited to discover about yourself?

2021 PLAYZone Schedule

2021 JULY Zone: Discover Breath – Breath as Resource

2021 AUGUST Zone: Recharge Hands & Feet

2021 SEPTEMBER Zone: Reset Shoulders & Neck

2021 OCTOBER Zone: Support Spine & Hips

2021 NOVEMBER Zone: Bridging Head and Heart

2021 DECEMBER Zone: BYOB (Bring Your Own Buddy) Mini-Series

All of the PlayTRE4Life sessions require that you already know the basics of TRE® and know a little about self-regulation as well as what to expect from your system after a session.

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