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9 Reasons We Love TRE®

So… What is TRE®?

And why do we love it so?

In my own words, TRE® is when we allow an innate mechanism in the body to discharge pent up tension and stress. The experience itself may emerge like shivers or tremoring, not unlike when it’s really cold and the body’s natural response kicks in to help warm things up. Objectively, Eric and I are keen advocates of TRE® because we have experienced that it…


1. Is 100% Organic

The process is about working with the body and what it was built to do all along, and we are all for sustained tension- and pain-relief without having to introduce chemicals or substances into our systems.

You lie down and let the tremors happen. 

No chemicals, no fancy gadgets, no expensive equipment.

Nothing could be easier.


2. Helps Build Our Inner Trust Funds

In a world and time where volatility and uncertainty are key characteristics of the circumstances we find ourselves in, It is hard for us to hang on to any sense of certainty or confidence amidst the upheaval.

Practicing TRE® allows us to reaffirm with ourselves in an entirely visceral way that we can and do take care of ourselves.


3. Is Universally Accessible

So long as you have some body, any body – most preferably, your own body – you can do TRE®.

Since the capacity to do TRE® is something already built in, if you can follow some simple instructions for the exercises – and there are modifications which any provider can suggest for those of us who are built different or who have bodies that need more gentle loving care – to help with the initial access to the mechanism, ANYONE can do it. 

I’ve seen my cat do it. And she doesn’t come when I call her name, much less follow instructions for exercises.

If she can do it, I can do it. If I can do it, you can do it. So let’s do it!


4. Empowers Us to Be Our Own Superheroes

The more choices we perceive, the more empowered we can feel, especially when we’re faced with challenging situations. And the truth of the matter is that when we have less stress, less tension and less pain in our systems – and that is exactly the effect doing TRE® has – it is easier for us to see a wider array of choices and to feel like we do have what it takes for dealing with what’s shown up in life.

Avengers: assemble…To watch me save my own day because I know I can!


5. Is A Personal Magic Carpet to A Whole New World

Not only does life look different when we are less stressed, but the experience of doing the TRE® itself opens up a whole new wonderland of self-discovery. All the movement we experience is voluntary yet managed, and when you start tuning in to how your body wants to be supported while it moves… That’s when the real fun begins!

So… Are you ready to have indescribable feelings and to be shown the wondrous place that is you, no Aladdin required?


6. Is An Ever-Ready Defence Against Stress

Though beginners are encouraged to go do a series of shakes with a group or a provider until they get the hang of how to start, stop and self-regulate, once you have those basics down, you can use TRE® any time and anywhere that you need it simply because your body is always going to be right there with you!

It helps me ground when I can see stress coming, and in times when the stress hits, it helps me take only a couple of minutes to get grounded again.


7. Is a whole lot of fun

Discovering how your body can move and all the ways it wants to move can feel a bit trippy. 

Even better when we’re doing TRE® with others and we get to see how everyone has a different tremor and they maybe even tremor in ways we couldn’t imagine… Until our bodies get inspired by what we see!

Every shake can be a unique journey all of its own – you’ll be amazed at how much you can rock your own world in just ten minutes. 


8. Reconnects Us To Ourselves and Others

The simple truth is that it is easier to be kind, compassionate and loving when we are in less pain and when we feel well cared for.

What kind of relationships would become possible if you could discover that you are capable of patience rather than tolerance, compassion rather than pity and love rather than resignation, anger or fear?

For that matter, how would you treat yourself if you had more patience, compassion and love to give? And why wouldn’t anyone want to have access to that every day?


9. Gives Us RESET Functionality

There is no reset button for life that allows us to start over when we find out where our choices have lead us.

TRE® fortunately allows us a way to help our bodies and systems to reset. By helping us discharge what the body has produced in times of stress, there is a perceivable calming impact on our emotional and mental states. 

When I’m not lugging around a wagonload of stress and upset from having had a setback, I can pick myself up and try again.

To be honest, I had a different direction in mind for this post. I was going to write about my own journey to discovering TRE® and how a mandate in our household created an opportunity for a shared life mission with Eric. I guess that story is going to have to wait for another day.

Where TRE® is concerned though: Don’t take my word for it. Find someone to have a session with. Eric and I are rolling out a whole new exciting range of different ways to start and grow in your TRE® journey, though really, all we want for anybody is simply that they start and discover for themselves this wonderful new journey. 


What new PLAY adventure have you brought yourself on lately? 


This universe is not outside of you.

Look inside yourself;

everything that you want, you already are.


Shake Yourself FREE to Live Whole, Well and Fully

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