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TRE Shake Up Your Life 2023

Starting now, we want to make a greater effort to share what TRE means to us and when we do TRE to support ourselves with living life the way we want to. We find that doing TRE helps us in so many ways because, simply by carrying less tension, we have more capacity to create the experiences we want to. We particularly love that TRE is something our bodies were designed to do for helping us discharge stress in an effective way so that we can be more resilient, confident and optimistic as we go about making each day meaningful. 

With starting this series of Shake Up Your Life 2023 posts, we want to share a deck of posters that we have created for ourselves – reminders, if you will – that there are many opportunities for us to practice TRE and improve our experience of our bodies and our lives, to create new possibilities for ourselves by bringing ourselves into a more ideal state of being. While we will share what these phrases and ideas mean to us, as well as how we found the ones that we posted useful for us in the given week, we would love to hear what our little creation brings up for you. What did they open up for you? Did they get you started on a kind of creative streak like they did for us and snowball?

If you already do TRE, we invite you to share your thoughts with us about the little posters we have created: do you find TRE helpful to you in the way that we share? Is there a particular way you do TRE – perhaps in the space set up, or with particular preparatory exercises, or props you find most supportive to help you past the blockages – that helps you move and feel alive in a different way?

If you don’t do TRE yet and if you are wanting to find out more about it, why not get in touch with us? We love sharing about TRE and other things that we do and we’re open to having a conversation with you to see if it is something that you could bring in to enrich your life with. 

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All the terms used in these posts are based on our personal experience and understanding. Given the nature, capacity and conditioning of our body and mind, change is something we need to be open to. So these posts about what each shake is about are merely suggestions and are, if anything for you, perhaps a great starting point. By no means are they meant to be a quick fix or solution to anyone’s situation.

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