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30-day Shake Journey

Sharing My Shake

It’s a little bit late for me to announce this now, but I have decided to use the 30 days of June to record a 30-day Shake Journey. I decided I wanted to do it for these few reasons: 

Personal Challenge

Many years ago, I acquired a habit of hiding because I perceived that people around me weren’t able to give me the support that I needed. What I have learnt since then is that I can support myself even if the journey is scary as heck, and it is important to affirm that by stepping out of my figurative cave. 

Intensive clearing

I have been consciously working on my old trauma for years now, finding what works well and since 2017 when I first learnt TRE® and did it 5 minutes a day for a month, I haven’t done another intensive period like that and I want to see where I can bring myself now given what I know and how much I have grown in my trust of my system and my journey.

To encourage others to live well

Everyone has trauma of some kind; trauma is not something we should try to put on a comparison scale. What a person has experienced as traumatic to them is exactly that and I want this to be my way of saying that “it’s ok to do what you need to for healing yourself because you deserve to live well and whole and happy.”

To Share Joy

Though, for me, TRE® often brings up uncomfortable feelings or painful memories, I also experience a poignant joy inside because in the process of uncovering what has been suppressed, I feel taken care of. I want my life to show that working through old things that hold us back and keep us small is worth it and can be, absolutely, moment to moment, totally and intensely beautiful.

If you are interested to be part of my journey and to see how it shapes up as the weeks go along, please do follow my series here on our TRE4Life Facebook page.  This first week I’m going rather organic – just tuning in to what comes up and seeing what my body is wanting to process from day to day – but that might change as I start experimenting with different interventions or as I receive requests from friends or viewers or happenstance! 

Is a 30-Day TRE® something you feel excited about for YOUR journey right now?
Leave me a comment to let me know!

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