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Community Shakes 2021

TRE4Life Community Shakes 2021

That’s right! 

Last year, around this time, we decided to start hosting free Full Moon Shakes for TRE® Providers to get together, shake together and support each other through a stressful year. 

This year we want to make the offer even bigger: so long as you know TRE® and are comfortable to self-regulate, come and do a shake with us!

We want to support your self-care

In the wake of the ineffability of 2020, remembering to take care of ourselves so that we can bolster our own capacity for resilience and to be there for those who need us is more important than ever. Things are still uncertain and while there is hope on the horizon, for many of us, the light at the end of the tunnel might still feel a bit far off to be heaving sighs of relief just yet. 

That is why we want to offer again this year to host a space for anyone who wants a timeout, a safe space to be with others who are also open, caring, empathic individuals; a time when there is no pressure and no expectations beyond respecting that you are taking time to take care of yourself while knowing that you’re among kindred spirits.

This year, we’re making it easier for everyone to remember when our sessions run by having them on every last Sunday of each calendar month at the same time:

SG (GMT+8) 5pm



The person who always has the power to change your life is the one who looks back at you from the mirror each morning.

Take care of that person, always.



Flow of a Session


Brief Meet-N-Greet & Intention Setting

We would like to encourage networking and connecting between all practitioners of TRE® and so we want to give you a chance to introduce yourself briefly and to perhaps state the intention you wish to declare for your shake session.


A 20-minute Timed Shake

Eric and I will provide the timing frame for the session and occasional time check-ins, but no provision beyond that.
If the group is open to it on that day, we might encourage in-shake sharing about what we notice is happening with our systems, or perhaps something we feel moved to try. We might also use music for some sessions… Who knows? We’re open to letting the feel of the group dictate the session!


3-min Integration 

Eric or I will time a 3-minute integration in silence so that you can be sure to have time to let your system settle and for you to check in with what has shifted during the session.


Sharing Reflections &

As practitioners of TRE®, we know that giving the words to our experience can be important as part of integration and in support of whatever our system has brought up for processing, so we want to make sure there is time for this. We also want to remind everyone that acknowledging ourselves for showing up for our own self-care is also important! 

Community Shake Dates

Monthly Community Shakes

Join us for our FREE minimal intervention TRE® shake sessions on the last Sunday of every month

30 MAY                        26 SEPTEMBER
27 JUNE                      31 OCTOBER
25 JULY                       28 NOVEMBER
29 AUGUST                26 DECEMBER

For 60 minutes in these time in these time zones: 

DE/GMT+2 11am – 12pm
SG/GMT+8 5pm – 6pm
AU/GMT+10 7pm – 8pm

Please note: Tammy & Eric will only be providing time check-ins during these sessions and there will be no other guidance or intervention, so participants must be comfortable with self-regulation.

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