TRE4Life+ Workshops and Practice


Having begun the journey of healing and self-care, we want to learn how to bring all the wisdom together and enrich our journey.

With TRE4Life+ – Enrich your TRE4Life Journey we want to encourage more learning, more exploration, more growing, more healing, and all with the support of those who share from having walked the talk.


Deepen & Enrich your journey

Though often different modalities we explore to enrich our journey can be complementary, we seldom have the chance to undertake such explorations with knowledgeable, guides who are experienced with integrating different modalities.

We invite you to explore the wisdom of your body more deeply.


The power of being deeply you,
is the best intervention you can make.

David Berceli, 2018

The Adventure Trails


The Workshops

Experienced providers will share about an alternative modality they are passionate about, why and how to integrate it with your TRE® practice and take you through a TRE® shake so that you can experience the learning directly.


The Supporting Practice Series

Learning new things is always exciting. Upkeeping new practices and integrating them into wisdoms we currently have a handle on can be challenging.
We want to support the integration of practice – and the discovery processes that come with – with weekly sessions which support our participations in with guided practices, and which allow the trainer to provide more in depth points of understanding.

Workshops & Supporting Practice

All of the TRE4Life+ workshops require that you already know the basics of TRE® and have attended a basic series to ensure that you know how to self-regulate and what to expect from your system after a session.

Our aim is to enrich your understanding and development of relationship with your system;
these are NOT certification programs.

WORSKHOP Date Options


22 AUG 2021, Sunday

SG 9am to 5pm
AU 11am to 7pm


28 AUG 2021, Saturday

SG 2pm to 10pm
AU 4pm to 12am

One-Day Workshop

Because Your System is Designed to Be Well and Self-Heal.

with Eric Budinger, Tammy Thiang and Joan Stanton

The workshop seeks to introduce participants to three modalities which can be used independently as well as in integrated ways to support and enhance the body’s natural healing capacities.

Learn to support and amplify your body’s natural healing capabilities by learning how to listen into and work with it instead of constantly feeling mystified and at odds with it.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You want to learn about natural, non-invasive ways to self-heal
  • You would like to learn through experiencing the easy-to-implement practices that will improve your life.
  • You want to learn how to support the wellness of your system holistically.
  • You want to change your relationship with your body.
  • You want to learn how to work with the body-mind-emotion connection.
  • You would like to learn about the modalities of TRE®, Intracellular Communication and EFT and how they can be used to support your well-being. 
  • You want to explore how to combine these in a supportive environment.

Join This    Adventure

2021 Dates

SEPTEMBER 11, 18, 25
2, 9, 16


SG 3pm to 4:30pm
AU 5pm to 6:30pm


For those who need an introduction or refresher to TRE®

START-TRE4Life on 4 Sept (SG 2pm) or 11 Sept (SG 1pm)


Beginner-Friendly TRE4Life-GROUPs on 1 Sept (SG 2pm) or 7 Sept (SG 8pm)


Six-Week Practice Series

Connecting Within to Enhance Self-Care and Self-Healing

with Tammy Thiang and Joan Stanton

This practice series is designed to develop the journey begun with the OWN YOUR HEALING One-Day Workshop but is also available for anyone who was not able to make the dates of the workshop. 

As the series does not include an introduction to TRE® but will be building on the TRE® practice with Intracellular Communication and EFT, those who wish to attend the series need to be familiar with TRE® or attend an introduction / refresher with us prior to starting the series.  

In this series, we aim to build familiarity with using the somatically-centred modalities in combination with each other so that practitioners can gain the confidence to use these modalities to serve their own well-being needs.

We have designed the sessions to be progressive and you will be encouraged to choose an area to focus on improving so that you can have a higher chance of experiencing a real change to your state of being as the programme progresses. 

This series will serve you if: 

  • You want to experience a change in your life. 
  • You are on a journey of self-growth and self-healing.
  • You are interested in holistic approaches to support your well-being, particularly for pain-, tension- and stress-management.
  • You want to learn how to integrate the self-empowerment modalities of TRE®, Intracellular Communication and EFT through a series guided exercises.  
  • You want support in nurturing new perspectives, particularly in enhancing your body-mind-emotion awareness.
  • You want support to develop new habits to improve your relationship with your wellness.

Join This    Adventure

Shake Yourself FREE to Live Whole, Well and Fully


Unlock the innate capability of your system and find freedom.

begin your journey


Get familiar and confident with regular, guided practice

feel empowered


Deepen your journey with a systemic exploration 

play & discover

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Connect & collaborate and create works of heart. 

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